Neverball Contributions

Ben Anderson
  • Mac OS X build maintenance and packaging
  • Icons
Derek Arndt
  • Mac OS X packaging
Erik Auerswald
  • Mouse invert
Kevin Ballard
  • Various bug fixes for Mac OS X builds
Josh Bush (Cheeseness)
  • SVG icons
  • Screenshot naming tweaks
  • Teleport design
  • Volcano background
  • Catseye, Cheese, Melon, Octocat, Orange, and UFO balls
Challenge Space Yard
  • High-score updates
  • Neverputt tweaks
Wei-Lun Chao
  • Traditional Chinese translation
Miguel Diago
  • Spanish translation
Corey Edwards
  • Joystick select
Luc Fabresse
  • Mac OS X packaging
Adrián Chaves Fernández
  • Galician translation
Reshaun Francis
  • Neverputt course (easyputt)
  • Diagonal ball
Giacomo Frate
  • Italian translation
Christoph Frick
  • Mac OS X port
Max Gilead
  • Debian packaging
Clément Guérin
  • Initial SDL2 port
François Guillet
  • Neverball Hall of Fame development and hosting
  • Neverforum and Neverwiki installation and hosting
  • Scottish Gaelic translation
Phil Harper
  • TheOpenCD packaging
  • Icons
Kyle Hoker
  • Feature ideas and testing
Karl Ove Hufthammer
  • Norwegian Nynorsk translation
Eckhard M. Jäger
  • Eyeball and Blinky textures
Byron James Johnson
  • Neverputt course
  • Platform acceleration toggle
  • Various fixes
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation
Pasi Kallinen
  • Finnish translation
  • Gradient contributions
  • Neverputt courses
  • mapc tweaks
Robert Kooima
  • Developer
  • Grand Poobah of the Neverball Rabble
  • Original author/composer/graphics artist
Michał Kułach
  • Polish translation
  • iPhone/iPod Touch port
Jie Luo
  • Simplified Chinese translation
Jeremy Messenger
  • FreeBSD port
Michael Middleton
  • Neverputt course
Laurent Moussault
  • Menu navigation improvements
  • Interface layout improvements
  • Neverputt joystick and keyboard support
  • New pause screen
  • I18n improvements
  • Various bug fixes and features
Gergő Nagy
  • Hungarian translation
Daniel Nylander
  • Swedish translation
David Olsen
  • Neverball maps
  • Textures
  • Grow/shrink items
  • Level intro texts
  • Major improvements to curve generation program (contrib/curve.c)
Jordà Polo
  • Debian packaging
  • Neverputt score fixes
  • .desktop file i18n
  • Catalan translation
Florian Priester
  • Mapper
  • German translation
  • Texture clean-up
  • Ball shadow removal in poser mode
  • Performance improvement on maps not using reflective materials
  • Improvements, suggestions and inspiration through work on Nuncabola
Jean Privat
  • Developer (inactive)
  • French translation
  • Internationalisation
  • Various bug fixes and features
Jānis Rūcis
  • Developer
  • Latvian translation
  • Neverball maps
  • Hillcrest Labs Loop support
Andrea Del Santo
  • Esperanto translation
  • Italian translation
  • Korean translation
Alexander Schmehl
  • Debian packaging
Michael Sterret
  • Gentoo ebuild
Lars Stoltenow
  • mapc speed-ups for debugging large maps
Matthias Sweertvaegher
  • View rotation using second gamepad stick
  • Configurable fast view rotation bind
Tamas Szerb
  • Debian packaging
Paul Tompkins
  • Neverball maps
Uoti Urpala
  • Bounces with moving objects
  • Significant mapc optimisations
  • Code review, suggestions and comments
  • Edge intersection handling
  • Rotating platforms
  • Golf Jambalaya course
Georg Wachter
  • German translation
Ian Walker
  • Mapper
  • Textures
  • Neverball Medium set organization
  • Background music (track6.ogg)
Derek Wilson
  • Thwomp designs
Mehdi Yousfi-Monod
  • Mapper
  • French translation
  • Neverball Hall of Fame management
  • Windows packaging
Евгений Лежнин / Yevgeny Lezhnin
  • Russian translation
Егор Лежнин / Egor Lezhnin
  • Russian translation (Neverputt)
Андрей Французов / Andrey Frantsuzov
  • Russian translation
Countless others for play testing and bug reports

Website Contributions

Ben Anderson
  • Website content, maintenance and php programming
  • Various images
Josh Bush
  • CSS layout and related images
Pasi Kallinen
  • Website parsing code for CHANGES file
Jānis Rūcis
  • Content layout
  • Various random stuff
Tango Desktop Project
  • Various icons